Have Clarity on Your ONE Thing
Track Your Power Habits
Reflect & Plan for Extraordinary Results
The ONE Thing Planners helps you focus on what matters most and not get distracted by all the noise. 
A Planner Specifically Designed to Help You Focus On What Matters Most... 
Your ONE Thing!
If we asked you to open your digital calendar and pick a random workday, could you tell us what your priority was that day? Would you know if you accomplished it?

If you're shaking your head, you're not alone. We asked  dozens of our community members this question while creating this planner. The overwhelming response from our focus groups: no one knew. Their calendars provided clues but not clarity on their priorities, goals, and progress. For most, their calendars only allowed them to track their time commitments, especially meetings. And honestly, that's all the average calendar is designed to do.

We designed The ONE Thing Planner to help you take control of your time and gain clarity about how best to invest it. You will know your priorities. You will know if you accomplished them. And you'll understand how your daily actions align with your someday goals.

Modeled on the personal planners of The ONE Thing authors, this planner gives you the tools to identify your priorities and act on them. With practice, we hope you'll internalize this process and become the kind of person who thinks and acts in order of priority.
Big Success Requires a Bigger View of Time
Unlike other planners, The ONE Thing Planner is not designed to capture everything, because everything doesn't matter equally.

It's designed to help you focus on the things that matter most. 

With the monthly view, you will have clarity on your monthly goals and priorities so you can say "yes" to your most important work and say "no" to everything else.
Develop the Habit of Priority
What would be possible if everyday you had clarity on your ONE thing and you got it done?

We've asked this to thousands of people and the answer can always be summarized as... EVERYTHING!

Wake up each day and identify the ONE thing you can do that day that would make everything else easier or unnecessary.

With our habit tracker in the bottom right corner of each day, you can track your 66-Day Challenge® so you form power habits throughout the year.
Reflect & Plan for 
Extraordinary Results
Most people go through their days reacting to whatever pops up in their inbox, during meetings, or by people asking if they've "got a minute". 

Then they look up at the end of each day knowing they were busy, and wonder if they got anything done.

This all changes when you develop a relationship with your goals.

Between months and quarters, we include Reflect & Plan exercises designed to help you set your goals and stay on track for the year. 
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Limited Quantities
We printed 2,000 planners for the 2019 calendar year. Once those sell out we will evaluate if we do another print run based on demand. Planners will 
begin shipping the first week 
of December 2018. 
The ONE Thing Planner Includes
Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Reflect & Plan sections to help you think back on your wins and plan ahead to stay on track.

Quarterly modules designed to help you rethink how you use your time, learn about your priorities, and time block for the months ahead.

Idea Pages and a Glossary to help you think creatively for your business plan, planning retreats, or goals.
  •  8.5 x 11.375
  •  Soft cover with matte black finish
  •  Elastic closure
  •  80# uncoated text white
  •  Useful tools for planning, notes pages, glossary, reflect & plan pages
  •  Dual ribbon bookmarks: black and grosgrain
  •  180° lie-flat opening
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