The ONE Thing Mid-Year RESET Retreat
What’s the cost when you fall off goal and don’t make up the gap?
If you don’t make up the gap, not only do you fail to achieve your goals this year,
but it sets you behind when it comes to your goals next year, and every year after that.

We've found that half way through the year (no matter how far behind you are) 
you still have time to get the extraordinary results you set out for! But not for long...
                                     When you engage in this proven model you will:

                             o     Reflect on your past and decide your future
                             o     Evaluate your priorities to pursue the right goals
                             o     Simplify your approach 
                             o     Establish a plan to achieve better results in less time 
                             o     Time Block actions that fast track your extraordinary results

Join us June 22nd and 23rd in Austin Texas to discover new insights, practice tools, 
and implement the skills you learn all while being surrounded 
by a community of high achievers just like you.
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